FC3 Plus (NES, SNES, Genesis)

The FC3 Plus by Yobo is a hardware clone capable playing NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis games. This is a competitor to Hyperkin’s RetroN 3.

The FC3 Plus uses separate circuitry for each of the three systems. The build quality of the system seems to be along the same lines as other products made by Yobo, they don’t weigh much, but at this price point, we can’t complain too much about the build.

It includes two wired controllers that have a Sega Genesis-style button layout, but a dog-bone shape, so it’s a bit of both worlds. The downside is that Yobo has decided to use a proprietary 9-pin controller connector. This means that the system does not support the original controllers for any of the systems. To try and minimize this problem, Yobo includes their version of the NES zapper so you can still vent your rage by hunting down those damned ducks.

It outputs to the TV using composite cables, and the story behind the audio and video quality is pretty much the same as you’ll see with other multi-system clones. The NES is the most difficult to emulate perfectly, the SNES is much better, and the Sega Genesis is better still. No clone will be able to do one system perfectly, let alone all three perfectly. It has improved the game compatibility over previous Yobo clones. It plays Paperboy for the NES, something the FC Twin could not do. It also supports Dragon Warrior 1 and Donkey Kong Country fully.

The FC3 Plus still cannot play Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse (NES), non-first revision versions Super Mario RPG (SNES), and it still has the same second level bug with Battletoads (NES) as previous clones.

If you don’t mind using proprietary controllers and want a system that can play three generations of classic games, the FC3 Plus is not a bad choice. Though, if you prefer to use the original controllers for all three systems, Hyperkin’s RetroN 3 might be a better pick for you.

Where to Find:
Yobo FC3 Plus (Amazon)