The FC Twin by Yobo is a console clone that plays NES and SNES cartridges. It comes in White, Black, and Silver. Yobo has made a name for itself as the defacto NES clone manufacturer.

The NES part of the FC Twin is made from the Nintendo-on-a-Chip platform like other clones in the market. The SNES portion is made from separate circuitry that uses a more accurate emulation of the original SNES than its NES counterpart. It comes with wired SNES-style controllers, but the system also accepts original SNES controllers and peripherals. The design of the FC Twin looks reminiscent of the second more compact model of the SNES.

The slot for the NES cartridge is in the rear, and the SNES cartridge slot in front of it. This is a smart setup which allows for maximum visibility of both labels if 2 cartridges are inserted. The power switch has two settings, 8-bit to power on the NES, and 16-bit to power on the SNES portion.

The FC Twin outputs to a TV using RCA composite cables. The audio and video for NES games is on par with other NES clones on the market. The sounds are not faithfully recreated, and there can be slight differences in the video quality. Yobo has been able to refine the NES playback quality over several revisions of the FC Twin, so ensure you’re getting a recent revision for most accurate NES reproduction.

The NES cartridge slot uses a card slot reader similar to that of the second generation top-loading NES. This is much more reliable at starting games consistently than the ZIF connector found in the original front-loading NES. The SNES playback, on the other hand, does a much more accurate emulation of the original. Sadly, there is a plastic tab preventing the playing of Super Famicom cartridges, so a modification is necessary to tap into Japanese Super Famicom games.

The Yobo FC Twin is a great dual clone for those looking to have one system that can handle most of their NES and SNES collection. It features a space-saving design, and looks great. It’s unfortunate that it runs into the same compatibility issues as other clones. For example it can’t handle Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, where Retro-Bit’s Retro Duo can. So if that is a game you must play, then check out the Retro Duo. Otherwise, the FC Twin is a strong choice.

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