FC Console (NES)

The FC Console by Yobo is a clone that plays NES cartridges. It comes in White/Red and Grey/Black. The FC Console and the Retro Entertainment System look strikingly like each other, but have different controller designs. There has been some rumors that they are both created in the same factory.

The FC console uses a top-loading design that aims to fix problems with the original NES front-loading mechanism. It uses two wires controllers, that have turbo buttons on them for situations in games that require quick button presses. The convenient part of the turbo buttons is the fact that there is no turbo switch, but rather distinct buttons, so that means you can easily go from turbo shots to regular. If all this sounds like cheating to you, you can easily opt to use the original NES controllers or peripherals.

The system itself looks handsome, the white and red color scheme looking the best in our opinion. The audio sounded fine, it didn’t sound worse than is par for the course when dealing with NES clones. Using composite cables to display out to a TV works great. The FC Console is a great affordable entry into the NES clone market. If you’re interested in only playing NES cartridges, and aren’t interested in systems that can play SNES or Sega Genesis games, the FC Console is a good choice.

Where to Find:
Yobo FC Console White & Red (Amazon)
Yobo FC Console Silver & Black (Amazon)