Retrogen (Genesis)

The Retro-Bit Retrogen is a mobile console for playing Sega Genesis game¬†cartridges. Surprisingly, it is officially licensed by Sega, it features a 2.8″ screen, and a 6-button scheme like the 6-button Genesis controller. The buttons are on a slant, which will take some time getting used to, but it shouldn’t pose too much trouble.

The system doesn’t feel like much in your hands, though it is relatively thick, it has to be to hold a Genesis cartridge. The screen is very vibrant, and the sound is what we expected from a tiny speaker in a handheld machine. The Retrogen has the ability to output to a TV, so you can use it as a tiny Sega Genesis console, though you’ll still have to use the controls on the system. There is a region selection switch as well, which will allow you to play both NTSC and PAL versions of games. This is great in case you want to check out games that were never released in your region.

The battery life is surprisingly long, and we’re glad the system uses a standard mini USB connector to charge it’s internal Li-Ion battery. This means that we’re never too far from a working cable. The system is packed with 12 built-in FireCore games:

  • Jewel Magic
  • Curling 2010
  • Air Hockey
  • Maze 2010
  • Snow Boarding
  • Break Fireline
  • Wall Breaking
  • Checker
  • Mahjong
  • Naval Power
  • Cross the Road
  • Jack’s Pea
Of course, the packed-in games don’t look too good, but the whole point of buying the Retrogen is to tap into your Sega Genesis and Mega Drive game collection. This is probably the best mobile platform for the Sega Genesis right now. You could opt to get the original Sega Nomad, but you’d have to spend a pretty penny, that’s not including the small fortune in batteries you’d have to go through. The Retrogen is small, vibrant, and definitely worth a second look.

Where to Find:
Retrogen (Amazon)