Retro Entertainment System (NES)

The Retro Entertainment System by Retro-Bit is a clone for playing NES games. It comes in Black/Red, White/Red, and Silver/Black. It comes with two wired controllers and also supports the original NES controllers, which is great.

The compact boxy design looks great in our opinion, the controllers on the other hand leave a bit to be desired, but it’s okay since we’re just going to use the original NES controllers anyway. Feature-wise Retro-Bit decided to keep things simple, and make a system that plays NES games, and just NES games.

As far as the audio and video are concerned, you can expect typical Nintendo-on-a-Chip performance as far as the peculiarities with sound and video. There are no glaring problems here, and any problems are typical of the clone market. Game compatibility is on par with its competitors. For more information on the compatibility, please read NES Clone & Famiclone Compatibility Explained.

All around this is a nifty little machine, and if you’re looking for a clone system to play your NES cartridges, and are not concerned with SNES and Sega Genesis playability, this is a great choice. The best advantage of this system is its price, at under $20, you can’t beat its value proposition. This is the most affordable entry into the retro clone arena. Check it out.

Where to Find:
Retro Entertainment System Black & Red (Amazon)
Retro Entertainment System White & Red (Amazon)
Retro Entertainment System Silver & Black (Amazon)