Retro-Bit seems not to have a website even though they have a massive presence in the retro console market. They develop accessories and hardware clones, and are one of the biggest competitors in the field. They distribute their products through Innex, which has a website and showcases all of the Retro-Bit hardware. Regardless of how invisible they are as a company, they make some of the best clones out there.


Retro Duo (NES, SNES)
This has arguably the best game compatibility of all the clones out there, just the fact that it plays Castlevania II: Dracula’s Curse should earn it a medal. It’s a feat no other clone has been able to do. It even plays Super Mario RPG with a workaround. …(Read Full Review)


Retro Entertainment System (NES)
This is a one-system hardware clone that is aimed at those trying to enter the retro gaming market with an affordable system that can play all their favorite NES games. It even supports the original NES controllers. …(Read Full Review)


Retrogen (Sega Genesis)
Simply the best portable solution for playing Sega Genesis and Mega Drive games, across all regions, NTSC or PAL. A great vibrant LCD, and the option to output to a TV make it a great portable system. …(Read Full Review)