Generation NEX (NES)

The Generation NEX by Messiah Entertainment is a NES and Famicom clone capable of playing games from both systems. It includes one wired controller, yet has support for its branded wireless controllers, which are unfortunately sold separately. The wireless controllers run over the 2.4 Ghz wireless band, and will be much more reliable than the infrared versions found in other clones.

At first glance, people can easily mistake the Generation NEX for the original NES console. The color scheme is damn near perfect, and the shape is reminiscent of the original as well, though the form factor is a slimmer more sexier version. The included wired controller has the shape of the dog-bone controller made for the NES-101 version console.

If the controller doesn’t sit right with you, it’s okay because the system supports the original NES controllers, if you happen to have them lying around. This system supports both Japanese Famicom cartridges and NES cartridges. The Famicom games go on top, and the NES games go in front, and they stick out a bit when inserted. This makes the NEX very attractive for those who either have a Famicom collection, or have always wanted to try the Japanese games that never made it across the ocean to the US.

When we talk about the game compatibility, sound, and video quality, we must talk about the bit of controversy that has hit the discussion boards about the Generation NEX. Messiah Entertainment had published a game compatibility list that showed a compatibility of 97.25% of all NES games. Since then, the Messiah website has gone down, and the compatibility list along with it. One of the biggest points of contention is if the system uses a Nintendo-on-a-Chip (NOAC) or if it uses an improved design as Messiah originally claimed.

Now before you get bogged down in this internet flame-war, I think it’s important to keep a few things in mind so you don’t get disappointed. This is a hardware clone, so the audio and video are not going to be as perfect as if you were using the original console, obviously. There are some games that are not compatible with certain hardware clones, for more information on this, please read NES Clone & Famiclone Compatibility Explained. It is safe to assume that this clone will not work with the games listed in that article, and since not many people have the ability to try every NES and Famicom game ever made, it takes a bit of research to find out if your specific game is supported.

With all that said, this is one of the most attractive NES clone available. It’s ability to support Famicom games and original controllers is a definite plus. So if you really dig the 8-bit era, and aren’t interested in a combination clone that plays SNES or Sega Genesis, the Generation NEX is definitely worth a look.

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