Since its inception Hyperkin® has rapidly established a reputation for developing innovative, reliable and cost-friendly video game peripherals. Hyperkin® designs, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of accessories for every major platform including; Nintendo® Wii™, Sony® PlayStation® 3, Microsoft® Xbox® 360, Nintendo® DSi®XL, Sony® PSP™ as well as an extensive catalog of peripherals for classic platforms like NES, SNES, GameBoy™, SEGA® Genesis™, Saturn™ and Dreamcast™.


FC Mobile II (NES)
This is a mobile clone capable of playing NES cartridges, it includes 2 wireless controllers, and a wireless gun controller. It features a 2.5″ LCD and is capable of outputting to a TV. …(Read Full Review)


RetroN 3 (NES / SNES / Sega Genesis)
This is a 3-in-1 retro clone capable of playing games from three generations. It has 2 wireless controllers but also includes support for original controllers from all three systems. …(Read Full Review)