The Best Retro Clones Today

If you’re wondering which is the best retro clone, let us simplify the work:

The Retro Gamer That Wants it All

The RetroN 3 plays games from the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis. If that wasn’t enough, it will allow you to use your original controllers for ALL THREE systems. That means you should be able to support the Zapper for the NES, and any other peripherals you have for each of the three systems. This is simply the largest feature set you’ll find in any clone. Period. …(Read Full Review)

The 8-Bit Purist

The Generation NEX by Messiah Entertainment not only looks as if the original NES went on a diet, it performs like one, allowing you to use your original NES controllers, Zappers, Power Pads, etc. It supports both Japanese Famicom cartridges and NES cartridges, making it completely compatible with the 8-bit Nintendo era. This clone will scratch that nostalgic itch. …(Read Full Review)

The Nintendo Fanatic

The Retro Duo by Retro-Bit is the best dual system clone for the NES and SNES, why? It plays Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. It handles balancing both systems like a champ, and allows you to use original SNES controllers and peripherals. It even supports a workaround that allows you to play some SA-1 chip games like Super Mario RPG on the SNES. Did we mention that it plays Castlevania III? …(Read Full Review)

The Sonic-Fan on the Go

The Retro-Bit Retrogen plays Sega Genesis games on the go, and doesn’t weigh a ton or use up batteries like the Sega Nomad. Using a small, but thick form factor, and a bright vibrant LCD screen, it really does the Genesis justice in a completely portable system. What more do you want? …(Read Full Review)